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Get insights from over 300 million papers for almost every discipline

Semantic search:
Start learning effortlessly with semantic search. Use natural language to ask questions, and our semantic search will return papers matching the meaning of your queries swiftly.
AI Summary:
Summarize all semantic search results into one paragraph to save 70% of your time in learning new concepts.
Versatile Disciplines:
Explore 400+ categories across 1,052+ journals at OpenRead, and the numbers are increasing over time.
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Reading & Notes Taking

Seamless Research Experience in One Place

Grasp ideas with AI and build your personal knowledge bank

Paper Espresso:
Leverage AI to condense the paper content like making the Espresso. Gain a comprehensive understanding of key points, enabling you to assess the paper's relevance to your research from the outset.
Paper Q&A:
Dive deep into the specific paper as if guided by a personal tutor. Ask questions related to paper, avoid navigating other platforms and saving a valuable 20% of your time.
Related Paper Graph:
Unveiling the relevance between papers through visual maps to explore the depth of knowledge.
Notes Taking:
Capture insights right alongside the relevant paper, ensuring seamless integration with your notes. With OpenRead, organizing your notes and knowledge becomes intuitive and efficient. Elevate your research by keeping everything in one place at OpenRead.

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