We reshape research!

Every year, remarkable scientific breakthroughs and groundbreaking technologies capture our imagination. From unraveling the mysteries of human origin to capturing the first-ever image of black holes, from the development of life-saving COVID-19 vaccines to the advent of quantum computers and conversational AI, the world of scientific research continues to push boundaries. However, despite these remarkable achievements, the research process itself often faces inefficiencies due to a lack of comprehensive software solutions.

That's where we come in. We harness the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to revolutionize the research experience. Our mission is to enhance research efficiency, accelerate scientific, technological, and humanitarian advancements, and reshape the landscape of knowledge discovery. By seamlessly integrating advanced AI tools into the research ecosystem, we empower researchers with unparalleled capabilities and unlock new realms of innovation.

Meet our team!

We're a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do.

  • Bensen Hsu

    Founder, CEO

  • Zoe Wang

    Co-founder, CMO

  • Anthony Fu

    Technical Advisor

  • Han Wang

    Head of Legal

    • Yao Wang

      Marketing Executive

    • Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna

      Non-exclusive director, advisor

    • Prof. Kian-Ping Loh


    • Prof. Konstantin Sergeevich Novoselov