Paper, has never been so


Experience the future with AI-powered interactive papers!

Extensive reading

Fast, Intuitive, Creative

In OpenRead, our extensive reading mode can capture the core value of a paper within 5 minutes.

Paper Q&A:
No more tedious reading of long papers, simply ask any question about the paper and receive a quick response within seconds. Try it now and access information effortlessly.
Paper Espresso:
To save your time, our NLP assistant can generate your own literature review by digesting papers.

Intensive reading

Never ask

"Where's the figure?" again

We use AI technology to extract figures, formulas, tables, etc from paper.

So you can find any elements by clicking their hyperlinks embedded in the sentences.

Notes taking

Powerful notes system

We collect everything and connect everything. Increase note-taking efficiency with backlinks in other contexts and outgoing links from your notes.

Now you can reference your note inspiration on one platform - OpenRead.

Coming soon!

Paper drafting

Low code paper editor

Tired of the conventional paper editor?

Try out our original low code writing platform - OpenRead editor, which is under development to support LaTex writing.

You can get started quickly without learning code syntax. Here come to find your inspiration and collaborators!

Coming soon!

Research community

Upcoming seminars

OpenRead is creating its own seminar series for insightful and trending topics. Getting enlightened by professionals can't go wrong.

You will always find a topic that interests you here.

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Join our research community & university alliance

Back to knowledge itself is our greatest ambition. No more paywalls, no more tricky and rigorous publishing templates, and no more isolation between notes and writing tools. If you have the same expectations as us, please join our university alliance here.