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Gain valuable insights from a vast repository of over 300 million papers spanning nearly every academic discipline, or tap into trillions of web sources for comprehensive research.

Paper search:
Our paper database undergoes real-time updates, refreshing every 5 minutes to retrieve the latest publications from a comprehensive collection of over 20,000 journals. These papers serve as a robust foundation to substantiate any responses provided by Oat, ensuring rigor and accuracy.
Web search:
The vast expanse of web sources encompasses virtually every aspect of human life, work, the world, and even the universe. Within this wealth of data lies the power to answer and inspire inquiries of all kinds, waiting to be harnessed by those who seek its potential.
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Chat with Facts

My name is delightful to say and holds two lovely meanings. It combines 'cat' and 'openread' in a graceful blend. It also represents the spirit of 'OpenRead AI Technology', shining with creativity and cleverness.

Updated & Reliable:
With the capability to browse the internet, Oat can access the most up-to-date information available online, ensuring confident and accurate responses.
Ability to focus:
In certain instances, such as performing reasoning tasks like coding or data analysis and interpretation, it can be advantageous to abstain from using the internet. Accessing the web during these activities can lead to distractions. That's why Oat provides a feature where you can easily disable web support with the click of a button. Once activated, Oat will refrain from consulting the web while engaging in conversation with you.
Remember everything:
Keeping track of chat history can be crucial, as losing it can be frustrating. That's why Oat remembers every conversation you've had. Whether you modify your previous question or regenerate Oat's answer, they will all be saved in a hierarchical tree structure. This feature helps both you and Oat recall past conversations effortlessly.


Uncover Tomorrow's Innovations

The world is evolving rapidly, don't get left behind.

Be inspired:
Our sophisticated algorithms specialize in identifying the most captivating papers across various domains by analyzing user actions, subsequently showcasing them to a wider audience. User interactions play a pivotal role in refining the ranking of these trending papers, offering the potential for your own research to be featured on our esteemed list in the future!
Stay tuned:
Keeping abreast of developments in your research field can be daunting, but fear not, we're here to simplify it for you. With a selection of 1,000 topics available for subscription, you can delve into the latest publications and trends effortlessly.
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Reading & Notes Taking

Seamless Research Experience in One Place

Grasp ideas with AI and build your personal knowledge bank

Paper Espresso:
Leverage AI to condense the paper content like making the Espresso. Gain a comprehensive understanding of key points, enabling you to assess the paper's relevance to your research from the outset.
Paper Q&A:
Dive deep into the specific paper as if guided by a personal tutor. Ask questions related to paper, avoid navigating other platforms and saving a valuable 20% of your time.
Related Paper Graph:
Unveiling the relevance between papers through visual maps to explore the depth of knowledge.
Notes Taking:
Capture insights right alongside the relevant paper, ensuring seamless integration with your notes. With OpenRead, organizing your notes and knowledge becomes intuitive and efficient. Elevate your research by keeping everything in one place at OpenRead.